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Welcome to Danish Merchants Pvt Ltd.

India's nominal GDP in 2009 stood at US$1.243 trillion, which makes it the eleventh-largest economy in the world. India has the world's second largest labour force, with 516.3 million people. In terms of output, the agricultural sector accounts for 28% of GDP; the service and industrial sectors make up 54% and 18% respectively.

Major agricultural products include rice, wheat, oilseed, cotton, jute, tea, sugarcane, potatoes; cattle, water buffalo, sheep, goats, poultry; fish. Major industries include textiles, telecommunications, chemicals, food processing, steel, transport equipment, cement, mining, petroleum, machinery, software. India's share of world trade was about 1.68%. Major exports include petroleum products, textile goods, gems and jewelry, software, engineering goods, chemicals, and leather manufactures. Major imports include crude oil, machinery, gems, fertilizer, and chemicals.

Mission Vision:

Fast globalization inspires Danish Merchants

Sponsorship support made it possible for us to run this valuable website without payments.

to provide global business opportunities to small and medium enterprenurs(SME’s).

Danish Merchants mission is to bring medium size export import business to the SME’s.

Danish Merchants vision is to bring SME’s to online business. Nurture a winning network of suppliers and customers, together we create mutual enduring value.